Who We Are

Welcome to the Friends of the Howland Public Library.
Our goals are to:

(1)  Increase community awareness and public support of the library.

(2)  Sponsor cultural, educational, and vocational programs of interest to people of all ages and needs.

(3)  Raise funds for the improvement of the physical state of the library.

Friends groups operate independent of, but in cooperation with, libraries. Friends groups have their own officers, bylaws, 501c3 status, and membership.  To find out more about the Friends of HPL, visit friendsofhpl or email  friends@beaconlibrary.org.

Some of our accomplishments:
  • Purchased new public computers for the library by matching funds from the Gates Foundation.
  • Paid to restore the portrait of General Joseph Howland, after whom our library was named.
  • Purchase T-shirts for the Battle of the Books Team – a teen literature competition.
  • Helped create the beautiful library mural at 313 Main Street in Beacon. And more!
  • Purchased new tables for library reading and reference areas, and for the Community Room
  • Matched construction grant funds to improve the library facade and are raising funds to complete this project
  • Supplemented library operating funds to provide free downloadable music to the community through Freegal.
The Friends
  • Host fundraising events that provide entertainment for all ages
  • Send mailings to inform the community about library events and issues
  • The Friends operate Beacon Reads, a bookstore to benefit the Howland Public Library.  Beacon Reads is located at 309 Main Street, Beacon, NY.  At this time, Beacon Reads is the only bookstore in Beacon, and it attracts visitors to Main Street

And much more!!!